Findem, Talroo, Flexjobs In The News

  • HR Tech Industry
  • Published on December 19, 2023

Talent acquisition platform Findem says it grew annual recurring revenue (ARR) 3x over the previous year and expects to continue this trajectory to finish the financial year with 4x ARR growth. The company has also added 37% more clients to its roster.

Major milestones include;

Technological Advancements – Findem has one of the first and deepest integrations of (GenAI) to date in talent acquisition and management. GenAI capabilities are integrated throughout workflows vs. being a bolt-on. With a foundation of 3D data and a responsible approach to AI, talent teams can get trusted AI-assisted answers to questions no one else can answer about candidates, talent pools and the market.

Platform Usage Hits All-Time High – Findem is seeing significantly more searches, candidate outreach and responses through its Talent Data Cloud, with an uptick of approximately 275% vs. the same time last year. Users are logging in at least once per day, showcasing that the platform has become a foundational component of their tech stack. Platform analytics usage is following the same upwards trend.

Recognized Innovation – Findem was named a Cool Vendor in the 2023 Gartner Cool Vendors™ in Talent Acquisition for Driving Speed and Quality in Hiring report, and recognized in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Talent Acquisition Technologies, 2023.

Creation of Chief of Talent Transformation Role – Findem named Brett Coin its Chief of Talent Transformation. Coin, who previously served on the front lines as senior vice president of talent at Okta and director of global talent acquisition at Intuit, is charged with operationalizing Findem's transformation vision, including helping clients transform their talent organizations through an AI-first mindset to operate with new levels of efficiency.

Growth and Global Expansion – Findem's employee base has grown by 30% in the past 14 months, and it is one of the few technology companies actively hiring right now. In addition to its headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., it has established offices in India and Canada.

Talroo's New NPS Score

Talroo, the leading provider of technology to power the recruitment of frontline and essential workers, announced today that it achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 67% higher than industry benchmarks.

Delivering an NPS of 77 in its annual customer survey, compared to an HR Services industry average of 46 in 2023 (source: ClearlyRated), Talroo ranks among the top percentile of companies worldwide. Most notably, 78% of the survey respondents were "Promoters", the most desirable outcome, and the response rate was more than double the industry benchmark of 15-25% – coming in at 54%.

Flexjobs release 2024 Remote Work Report

  • FlexJobs' Remote Work & RTO Pulse Report found that 63% of people say "having remote work" is what's most important to them in a job, even ahead of salary (61%), having a flexible schedule (55%), work-life boundaries (54%), or having a good boss (48%).
  • According to FlexJobs' Work Insights Survey, 95% of workers want some form of remote work. More specifically:

            -- 54% want to work from home full-time

            -- 41% say hybrid is their ideal work arrangement

            -- Only 5% prefer full-time office work

  • Women prefer fully remote work environments more than men, with 58% identifying remote arrangements as the ideal way to work, compared to 42% of men who want to work from home full time.
  • A Gallup survey found that 8 in 10 people are working hybrid or remote.
  • Owl Labs found 67% of managers think it likely that within the next year, their employer will be changing their policies surrounding remote and hybrid work, despite 79% of managers stating that their teams are more productive when working remotely.

Remote work helps reduce attrition and unscheduled absences and increases productivity. In fact, a FlexJobs survey found 77% of working professionals state they are more productive working remotely than in a traditional office.