Papaya Global's Super Bowl Ad

  • HR Tech Industry
  • Published on February 6

Workforce payments platform Papaya Global will have a super bowl ad this Sunday.

Papaya's AI-powered payroll validation engine enables management of all types of workers and paying them in local currencies in any location, providing native connectivity with existing payroll systems.

Papaya is making its first Super Bowl appearance, bringing ping-pong to football's main event. Its 30-second "Small balls. Big Game" ad features multiple self-bouncing ping-pong balls, showcasing Papaya's game-changing AI-powered workforce payments platform.

The creative team includes Emmy Award winner Matt McCarron, Webby and Cannes Award winner Jonathan Vingiano, and Super Bowl ads veteran Alon Seifert. The spot was directed by Rob Leggatt and shot by Billions cinematographer Jake Polonsky. This is the first Super Bowl ad by McCann Tech.